Olga Martisova (Nemtsova)

Ten Times One

Translated by DK

Once One Man wanted to believe in God. Then, he looked up at the sky above, and said:
"God, I want to believe in You".
"Believe," answered the Lord.

One Man loved singing sad drawling songs in the evenings. He was a Russian one.

Once One Man wanted to give birth to another man. But he failed.

Once One Man saw people's faces start flowing slowly down. He got frightened, and alighted three stops earlier.

Once One Man was quite one.

Once One Man bought two single-use disposal injectors.

Once One Man loved the whole world. He was a woman.

Once One Man saw four grey colours at once. They were the sky, the soil, the water and the sand.

"How nice to be J.-S. Bach!", One Man once considered. "How nice to be just One Man", considered J.-S. Bach.

            *  *  *
in Russian